About Mavreen  

Mavreen, the new luxury signature of your chic and trendy wardrobe!


Mavreen is a new online brand of t-shirts and sweatshirts with designs, destined to a chic and trendy public.

Mavreen, new luxury signature of your wardrobe, has been imagined to meet all your desires in term of trendy and original t-shirts. Above all, Mavreen wants to adapt itself to the requirements of those for whom fashion rhymes with elegance and originality.


Mavreen is a simple concept, thought to offer you a new perception of designing, which can be summarised in 3 key elements: a simple cut, a beautiful material, an original and unique design.


Mavreen proposes you a collection of t-shirts for men and women as well as sweatshirts of an excellent quality with simple but beautiful cuts as well as noble and healthy material: the organic cotton.


Mavreen thought about all your desires of trendy t-shirts, declined in a collection of original and unique designs. Mavreen proposes you short-sleeved t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts as well as round-neck t-shirts and V-neck t-shirts. You will find your favourite cut on the website, the one that suits you and in which you feel so confident and attractive.


Mavreen, it’s a large offer of t-shirts and sweatshirts with simple forms, easy to associate with your favourites outfits, allowing you to create very professional looks. You will find on the website your trendy t-shirt to create your stunning and unique look.


The Mavreen collection will extend. Which means that new designs, always more beautiful, always more surprising, to seduce you and give you some ideas of elegant and quirky look.


The fashion universe moves! Mavreen makes its entrance in the universe of the chic and stunning fashion. Spread the word!